bit of a swim...

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Sat 16 Jan 2010 19:38

Hello, no blog yesterday due to a lack of power! The cigarette socket that we use for the chargers for the sat phone and laptop stopped working so during some wavey conditions we had to rewire the socket in to a different power supply. This 5 min job on dry land took over an hour while bobbing up and down and the fact that we didn’t bring and crimps or have the luxury of a soldering iron meant is was a chocolate box connectors job...aka bodge, but it is working and safely fused.

Our position amongst the other boats in the race took a bit of a battering dropping for 4th to 7th, think that our previous luck with being in the right position to catch the right wind had run out as we were rowing just as hard!

We did see about 20 dolphins from the boat yesterday but they were all over 50m away, still very exciting when you just catch a sight of something moving out the corner of your eye and it turn out to be that.

We have also done so interior design modifications to the deck space. As we are only rowing one at a time we decided to make a bit more room on deck by shifting the foot plate for the stern rowing position and also putting the life raft into a central position. This has made a nice space to sit down on deck where you can lean back against the life raft which we have named “the armchair”.

We have both been out for a swim today again to have a bit of a clean and also to cool down. No further sightings of our friendly fish though. Robert and Caroline, don’t think it was ‘BLT’ your eel following us as we don’t stock enough bacon to feed him! Will try to get some pictures uploaded tomorrow.

Jim and Paul