20:18.46N 32:52.49W

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Sat 30 Jan 2010 17:12

Had another film night last night in our cinema (ipod stuck to the ceiling) and watched Casino Royal, James Bond thing. Seem to have tracked considerably futher south over night with a westerly component that seems to be decreasing. But we have to get reasonably south at some point to hopefully find the trade winds so its nice that we could be seen to be making some progress! Even if it isnt exactly the 45miles a day we were doing! Sea state alot calmer today and as we are both getting a bit fed up of the cabin we have both been on deck listening to music and some learn french podcasts. Get the occasional splash but nothing too bad. Have erected a low sheet near cabin door to stop most of the spray when you are sitting in the footwell. Paul decided he would trial the emergency fishing kit that was in our grab bag which didnt look like it was up to much. Within 30 minutes we had an 18 inch monster fish on board which we threw back again after a brief picture! So that bit of equipment works fine! Will be having another film night tonight before squashing into that cabin again for another stuffy and uncomfortable night. Weather is meant to be changing on Monday, heres to hoping that its earlier than that. Certainly if it got light enough for us to row against I think we would get to the oars again, you wouldnt think there was much worse than to row for 12 hours a day, but doing nothing is worse! Not sure if the last photos we attached worked so am attaching one of Paul cleaning boat, if anyone is emailing anyway could they just confirm the photo made it to the blog? Thanks, hope everyone is ok.