rocking and rolling

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Wed 30 May 2018 06:10
After the first frantic 24 -36 hours of leaving the coast of New Zealand, it was inevitable that the wind would drop eventually, however gradually. Improvement crept slowly into the situation, each log entry showing a falling wind. Tuesday, the following day, saw the gusts easing.
It left a big swell, and a lumpy rolly sideways sea. Many of the fleet reported sea sickness.
This sort of sideways swell usually has its effects on the Admiral on board, Lynda, and it was no different this time. Migraine and sickness left her pretty poorly, and unable to cook the full English breakfast.
Being unable to eat or drink anything meant she had to retire to the stern cabin, leaving the skipper with the huge responsibility of looking after her, and reducing the motion of Nina as much as possible.
Reducing the sail to keep Nina from being hard pressed on the wind, but enough angle to stop her being pitched down into the troughs of the swell and waves, whilst maintaining headway is the trick.
Blues playing on the stereo helps, copious cups of tea and cup-a-soups, and constant vigil paying attention to the rest of the fleet passing past us from the stern. Roger the cabin boy, and seaman stains, the ships cat, both slept on the job as usual, but they kept Lynda company, as we plowed on away from the island of the long white cloud, and towards where the butter melts and slides off the knife.
After a day of eating and drinking nothing, a request of tea and crackers was a sign that a full recovery is underway. Normal service will be resumed shortly!