Leaving the World ARC - Day 122 May 10th Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Thu 12 May 2016 03:31
17:29S 149:34W

Leaving the World ARC - Day 122 May 10th Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia

The rest of the fleet had left for the meeting at Raitaea, with the skippers meeting and the brief for the next steps of the trip for the World Arc Westwards.
We are not going to keep up with the ARC now, as they have a schedule to meet to get to northern Australia at the end of July.

Nina has a different itinerary, taking us down to enjoy summer in New Zealand not before the end of September. We need to let the fleet go on ahead of us now, to allow us to enjoy the rest of the island chains across the Pacific, on our way to Fiji.

Nina is not the only boat in the fleet making this decision. It will be joined in the exodus by others, for various and different reasons:
Paw Paw, Do Over, Waterman, Meava Maris, Lydia, Kiwi Beans, Heidi, Alcedo, and Blue Summit.
The boats all have a different time scale and schedule. Some are stopping in Fiji others are not going further than Tahiti, some are coming to New Zealand, but all will have to drop out and leave the World Arc as it speeds on across the Pacific. Yet more will be dropping out in Australia, but they will continue with them across the Pacific.
We now need to plan our own trip, looking towards months in various island groups, rather than days in each.
This means that our Yellow Brick tracking will disappear from the world ARC page.
We will have our own tracking page on Nina Yellow Brick, and we are also on the AIS tracking on marine traffic, for those who were following us here. The problem with marine traffic on the AIS is that we need to be near an AIS tracking aerial or station, and our chart plotter needs to be switched on!

Thank you very much ARC, for your help and support up to now. We will miss the characters and camaraderie.

Nina, Signing off from The World ARC.