World ARC - Day 64 - 12th March - Apple Crumble Sunday

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Tue 15 Mar 2016 02:39
09:09S 114:52W

World ARC - Day 64 - 12th March - Apple Crumble Sunday

Life on board is still moving along at the pace the wind decides to blow. Sometimes a pleasant 15 to 20 knots which with the right sail configuration is our optimum speed for a comfy ride. Less than 7 knots becomes extremely wobbly, and you get the feeling of being cooked by the sun despite the factor 50. We started out our trip across the Pacific with less than 7 knots, but for the last few days, we have had increasing winds through squalls, accompanied with rain. Rain back home brings out wet weather gear galore. Here it means changing the T shirt and shorts when you go below, and slapping a hat on to keep it off the eyes.

The night sky is a galactic display, most nights, especially when there are no clouds the only way to describe it is like sitting inside a snow globe with the glitter all around and our world becomes a 10 mile squared sphere which helps us comprehend the enormity of the Pacific and our little Nina bumbles along like a lady in her crinolines swaying in the sea winds.

Sunday is the day we seem to let our minds wander home where we may be enjoying country walks, family roast dinners, reading the papers and watching TV. Most of this can be done on Nina? however you are constantly reminded you are in the middle of the largest of the worlds ocean
When Peter suggested foregoing the roast pork lunch, everyone was in agreement, let's have puds. So Lynda cooked a super apple crumble. Delicious.

The fishy fun continues with Steve and Karen trying to outwit these supposedly simple Pacific creatures. The lurid yellow, red and green lure (sold in St Lucia as the Toasted Tuna) that we have named Portela, was on its final warning ready to be consigned to the dark locker in favour of another lure the next day. Portela must have been scared of this horrible fate, as no sooner had we demolished the apple crumble than her line gave a huge bang. Up jumps the team into action, Stephen shouts it's a big one, then sorry guys it's gone again…….as quick as that. Another one that GOT AWAY. We decide to give Portela another chance but fix a second hook to make her doubly dangerous to these elusive fish. Will this new tactic be successful?...