World ARC - Day 41- 18th Feb – Crossing the Equat or

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Wed 17 Feb 2016 04:29
00:01S 88:24W

World ARC - Day 41- 18th Feb – Crossing the Equator

At 03.25 GMT (21.35 local Galapagos time) Nina crossed the Equator. We have some 68 more miles to go to the Galapagos Islands, and should arrive at Isla San Christobel at about 07.30 hrs. tomorrow morning, local time (GMT -6) with a perfectly timed morning arrival, ready for entry into the islands.

Earlier this evening, representation was made to Neptune's representatives, and a list of heinous previous offences was read out for each of the two new persons crossing the equator for the first time, and Lynda and Stephen, begging for free let and passage across Neptune's Kingdom asked for these to be taken into account and the punishment to enable them to pass freely in future at Neptune's behest. The crimes were long and serious (including amongst other unmentionable crimes here, peeing in the sea, riding a horse on the edge of the kingdom and scaring Neptune's Sea Horses, and the taking of shells whilst diving without prior approval from a member of the mer people), and needed careful consideration.
The judgement was given that a good soaking would be a proper punishment and would be fitting to absolve the two Pollywogs of their crimes.
This was duly administered to both, and they were then welcomed and allowed to duly pass freely across the equator, without the wrath and vengeance of King Neptune falling upon them or on their Vessel, the Nordship Nina. More, after they were anointed and dressed properly to meet with the representatives of Neptune, and even Neptune himself, they duly gave proper and due respect to King Neptune, and toasted him properly and fully, and therefore were granted the care and protection of King Neptune and his subjects for the future, as long as they now kept to his laws and respected his subjects and kingdom.

We had great fun being very silly, got a bit pissed on the champers, and had a lovely time for the evening. Lyn has gone to bed, and Steve is listening to blues on the stereo with a very large strong coffee, and a packet of Digestives, ready to arrive in Galapagos tomorrow morning.
Meanwhile, the way the water runs down the plug hole is now expected to be counter-clockwise, and we are officially standing on our heads, upside down.