Re: World ARC Day 6 -14th Jan – Dawn Treaders

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Wed 13 Jan 2016 23:43
12:45N 70:59W

World ARC Day 6 -14th Jan - Dawn Treaders

We rolled and rocked all night but were rewarded with a magnificent sunrise as colourful as a Dulux colour chart (spent too long in DIY stores)
Steve and Lyn then decided to hit the dance floor once again or foredeck now known as Barbarellas and after girating heatedly with the pole for several hours eventually scrambled
back into the cockpit only to discover the wind had backed 30 degrees so unless we wanted to heave to we had to reconfigure the sails once again ......aahh!
Only one thing to be done emergency measures put in place and home made scones and coffee were fed to the exhausted crew.
Energized and invigorated the knot master class began .... 3 hours later Lesley and Chris were able to tie a bowline.
Whilst the ladies continue to glow (get very hot) and add glamour to the vessel an apparition has started to appear every-time Chris goes to the helm due to stainless steel reflection
of a grey bearded man. Have we been too long at sea ?
Meanwhile, skipper Steve has become very popular relaying positions with neighbouring boats whose SSB systems are not working as well as Nina's, can you believe it Chris Best ?

Wish our gang Chris, Dani, Lauren Cooke, Emma and Lucy could walk into a wardrobe and visit us to share the magic of our piece of Ninia.
Miss you all millions xxxx