Magritte sunk - Loss of fellow World ARC voyagers,

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Fri 4 Dec 2015 15:40
Today we have had some terrible, shocking news.
Stephen and Teresa Arnold, our friends, who we grew very close to in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, have lost their boat.
They were coming round the world on the world ARC, on an old 44 Moody Grenadier, that I visited and admired behind us on the pontoons.
They had two old workmates of Steve's on board with them. All are safe.
We wish them well.
All their hopes and dreams have sunk with their boat.

They sailed past us a week ago, going south to to Cape Verde, to make repairs to their boom and goose-neck, after the terrible weather at the start of this years ARC. We passed on lots of banter. I guess we are not going to get that beer from them now.................

I attach the notification
" At 1940 (UTC) 3 December, ARC Rally Control was contacted by the skipper of yacht Magritte (ID 164) to advise the yacht was taking on water. The source of the ingress could not be identified or stemmed and the four crew on board indicated that assistance was required as the situation worsened. On the advice of MRCC Falmouth, a MAYDAY was issued and the yacht's EPIRB activated. The liferaft was readied in anticipation of a possible need to abandon the yacht. MRCC Cape Verde coordinated the evacuation of the crew. Cargo vessel SCL Basilea diverted to provide assistance, reaching Magritte at approximately 0500 (UTC). The crew were safely evacuated and are all well on board SCL Basilea which is now en route to Spain. Magritte was abandoned at approximate position 16 44.36N 027 27.82W. "