World ARC - Day 58 - 7th March – Mothers Day on b oard Nina.

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Tue 8 Mar 2016 08:48
06:49S 99:27W

World ARC - Day 58 - 7th March – Mothers Day on board Nina.

Occasions like these make you think of home and loved ones, luckily Karen and Lynda were not forgotten with messages from Danielle, Lauren and Jennifer. other kids not listed will be heard from later.
The morning was blue as only the Pacific can be and with Karen baking scones it made for a very special mothering Sunday. We were both blessed with the gifts we had asked for. Lynda hoped the engine would be able to rest while the wind filled the sails last!

Karen had a more ambitious gift to catch a fish so after looking through the box of colourful lures we decided the Portela colours (a Brazilian samba school we had danced in 20 years ago) would be the lucky lure. After scrambling in the locker and Karen wrapping the line around her legs the line was cast. As we watched the line flow into the sea while Karen untangled herself she was barely free when Steve noticed the line was taut literally within minutes we were reeling in a Tuna. Once again the net ,so thoughtfully purchased by Lauren for Steve's birthday landed the tasty morsel onto Nina's deck. 2nd mothers day wish granted.

Peter and Steve had already served up a lovely tea followed with trifle so the tuna was frozen for another days meal.
The stars arrive early at this latitude so enjoying watching for shooting stars and other heavenly bodies is a good pastime on night watch. No shortage of either and we haven’t had a drop to drink....