World ARC - Day 15 - 23rd Jan – Bringing Up the R ear

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Sun 24 Jan 2016 00:43
10:11N 77:41W

World ARC - Day 15 - 23rd Jan – Bringing Up the Rear

Last but not least.
We had a great sail today. Winds held steady at 10 to 16 knots from the north meant our westerly progress was a beam reach all day. Fantastic. We should reach our destination just after first light at 06.00 hrs tomorrow morning, in time for the BBQ on the beach with all the other boats.
We have followed 'Paw Paw', the big Catamaran, as the two of us head to the San Blas Islands, where we will meet the rest of the fleet. This means Nina is the last boat, having left a day after the rest, and this bringing up the rear is an unusual position for her, and one we don't wish to repeat, if possible.
Talking to the rest of the fleet on today's SSB radio net, there are two places left behind the reef at East Hollandaise, which will be just right for us. I know the anchoring habits are a bit more relaxed and spacious than we have been used to in the Balearic Islands of the Med. I don't think an anchor watch will be needed to fight off encroaching Italian and French boats, dropping anchor on top of yours, with the fenders already rubbing alongside the boat as they pay out the chain with shrugs and waves.....

Dolphin attraction.
We continue to fail at attracting dolphins on the trip so far.
We would love to know any music that has been successful in this? Suggestions would be gratefully received, as we are running out of possible options.
We have so far failed with the usually reliable Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley etc. Chris even tried a bit of Jazz today, playing Robbie Coltrain, but to no avail.
Perhaps Caribbean Dolphins like something a little more, well, Caribbean or South American?

Seasick (again)
Poor Lesley has been sea sick again. We thought she had got her sea legs, and was over it, after the trip from St Lucia. After all, she was still on the boat in the marina in Santa Marta, bobbing about and suffering gale force winds etc. so we are feeling very sorry for her on this latest leg. She can't go below, so at least she is keeping the watch keeper company, and she deserves a medal for being on permanent watch. It means we have a three watch system, three hours on, six off, with Lesley.