World ARC - Day 19 - 27th Jan – Banedup - Frigate Island

Steve and Lynda Cooke
Thu 28 Jan 2016 19:45
09:33.9N 78:51.7W

World ARC - Day 19 - 27th Jan – Banedup - Frigate Island

Nina was prepared for a short hop to an Island that had been recommended by some of the other boats.
07.30 saw us raising anchor and starting our trip around reefs and shallows to Frigate Island, or Banedup, as the natives call it.
As we passed Dog reef, we passed another ARC boat, Take Off, so Steve called them up on the radio and asked if they fancied coming over as well. They were diving on an old
wrecked coaster, but reported they would join us later.
Take off is an Elan 410, but at 41 ft long, boasts one of the biggest crew lists, with Swedish skipper Jorgen and French wife louise, with
two children under 10 years old, Alex and Inez, and three crew, including Ellen, the lady who was going to go around the world on poor old Magritte before she sank.

We dropped anchor in the middle of four beautiful islands, and ahead was Banedup Island, with its little restaurant, dinghy slip, and white sand surrounding it, and palm trees on top. A large ray rose up out of the water behind Nina to greet us.
We took the dinghy ashore for cold beers sitting in the calm turquoise water, playing with a hermit crab who had claimed the biggest conch shell as his home, and was busy dragging it around amongst the cushion starfish lying on the sand.

Dinner was ordered, and we saw the fishermen coming back to the island, holding up the lobsters they had caught for us.
Rum was brought from Take Off, ice cold beer, fish lobster, octopus, salad and chips from the island.

It doesn't get much better folks........