22:21.464S 166:50.552E Ile de Casy

Thu 15 Sep 2016 20:35
Motored down to Ile de Casy and picked up a mooring ( supplied by marine national parks ) off the deserted / abandoned resort ashore.

Great there are moorings here as the entire anchorage is full of stag horn coral of all sizes and colours.

The only inhabitant left on the island is ' brownie ' the hound dog. Very friendly and takes everyone on a guided tour of the island 👍 honest !
There is a period of light airs for the coming week so we plan to explore an area called the 5 isles in the southern lagoon. Ilot Uatio / Ua / Uaterembi / N'Ge and Gi. Then we will head back to Noumea to start the southern migration countdown.
All good on board