16:28.099S 167:48.947E Gaspard Bay

Wed 3 Aug 2016 05:08
Currently anchored in Gaspard Bay with Field Trip & Sel Citron and approx 8 Dugongs !

Activities range from being on Dugong watch up the mast to kayaking and trying to swim with Dougie Dugong and his mates.
Plus the standard shell hunting of course. And of course catching up with the other two yachts in the bay as we have only ever spoken to them on the radio last year in the Southern Lau when going in opposite directions !

These guys ( the Dugongs ) are real shy when it comes to swimming with them but we have had some real close kayak inter action 👍👍
You would have had to have been at sea a bloody long time to mistake these critters for mermaids that's for sure ! Only a face a mother could Luv

The waters pretty murky - maybe 2 mtr vis so when you see a dark shape in the murk you do start to hear the ' Jaws ' theme music !!

All is well on board and we are planning to catch the northerly breeze forecast today
(Thursday 4th ) to sail overnight south to Vila.

We will be on weather watch from then to pick a gap to hopefully scoot across to New Caledonia before heading south to NZ late Sept / early October.

Regards and Luv to all