Taking Stock of the "Soup"

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Tue 9 Feb 2016 22:59
At day 50 it is time to take stock of what the lads have been through and how far they have come. It has by no means been plain sailing. They have carried out so many repairs to the boat they may as well have built a new one. 
Then there has been the weather. The epic storm has left them battered and bruised and, like a lot of teams, they lost a good many miles but still rowed on.As they said " There have been low points, I assure you, but we finish this thing from here. My guess, next sunday. "
Even today after looking at the mileage left to row they are still positive "It was not just us who had tough conditions then. The sea was like soup today."
For those who aren't following the tracker you can see below that they are on the homeward straight. 
Let's not forget why they are doing this and let's give them out support for the last 700 miles. Please share the link