A Shadow of their Former Selves

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Fri 19 Feb 2016 03:45
In case  you can't remember what they looked like before they left, here is a reminder:-
Since starting their incredible row  they have been blighted by injuries. Even before they left it was doubtful whether or not Andy would start due to an infected mosquito bite.
But they both did start and with only about 350 NM to go,after asking about Andy losing three finger nails, they say
"There have been injuries and weight loss aboard. Its tough."
 I'm wondering if we will recognise them in Antigua, being a shadow of their former selves.

Any of you Catholics out there will know today Is family fast day. This is  where we miss a meal and donate the proceeds to the hungry. Perhaps we could all do this tomorrow for the lads and think of how hungry they must be feeling now.

Current wise they have been fighting hard to escape the ocean tide. Here are their recent thoughts on it.
15 Feb morning
"It just seems patchy. Seven days we have been stuck now. Unreal." 
15 Feb 23.42
"We have had a good night post eight and are not going to get too excited but we may have found the end." 
16th Feb
"We got sent way south last night by a current. We are now rowing against the wind. Just another kick in the nuts."
19th Feb 
"We have just ran into a current that is whipping up north. (sigh). There is nothing we can do. "

And they continue to row!