day 5 update

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Thu 24 Dec 2015 16:25
Hi all,
Thanks so much for the updates. it’s a real boost  to our spirits to hear how everything is going. we’ve just passed the 220 Knots mark. That’s the distance we have rowed as opposed  the progress towards the finish as we have had to tack about a bit to follow the wind and we were all over on day one after our steering failure.
Andy and I both agree that this has been one of the hardest things we’ve ever done and we’re still in the kiddy pool really. Only 5 days in. lots of cuts and bruises and missing skin. The biggest issue for both of us is ass pain. sitting rowing for 12 hours a day is not a natural thing for an ass to take and it’s showing. Whenever we’re on down time it’s talc and lying in the cabin face down.
Andy has named the poo bucket. Not that we’re bored or anything. the scenery is staggering. beyond staggering. Last night at 4am I was 100’s of miles from land. Bright stars all around me and a huuuuuge full moon on my right lighting the waves for me to see. I was dumbfounded when I got out of the cabin to row.
It’s nice to know people are following. makes us feel a little less alone. Please keep texting. every one is a boost.
Merry Xmas o you all. We’ll be having dried rations for xmas lunch ha ha.