Only 500 NM to go!

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Sun 14 Feb 2016 21:11
You will have noticed that the lads have had slower progress over the last couple of days. This is due to an ocean tide.
"We moved to escape the tide." they said."It moved. Can you guess where? sigh. "
They have been trying to move their position so that they can make better progress like some of the other teams but on Friday morning after hearing reports of the other teams' overnight progress they say. "Looks like the bad weather got them too. Wasted trip south for us. So sick. Slow now."
Today they report "We are still rowing in the soup. Hoping it will clear in a day or two."
The thrift Facebook page report that the official eta is 26th Feb but Sean and Andy are forever positive "We expect to arrive 23rd or 24th. We will get faster when this current passes."
So at 8pm tonight they have only 500NM to row.

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