Post from Steve Sidaway

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Tue 23 Feb 2016 19:40
From Steve Sidaway, one of the rowing club guys. The "SAS"( Sub7 Atlantic Support group) are rowing the equivalent distance to what the lads are doing rowing the Atlantic and sending messages of support on.

"I have just had the absolute pleasure of receiving a telephone call from Sean (Andy was in the background rowing). They are in unbelievably high spirits and wanted to pass on their thanks to this Team for all of its support. The messages they've received have kept them going through some really tough days and the knowledge of our presence, 'day and night', with the #nogaps work has been a constant source of inspiration and comfort to them. Sean described their view (add Geordie accent) "It's kinda' sea everywhere really"!! 😂
And the really great news is their confirmation that absolutely nothing is stopping them from finishing the race. They are targeting Sunday or Monday to do just that.... Legends - both of them 💪💪
They were chuffed to hear from Alex Gregory yesterday and today received a message from Seans old Platoon commander (Royal Marine Commandos) which had been triggered by our own Hilary McNally - top work Hils 👏 they treasure every single message - please keep it up.

Still loads for us to do team

Thank you 😍"