First week summary

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Sat 26 Dec 2015 13:50
Hi all,
Tomorrow Am we will have been at sea for a week. However the weather is due to change then so we will be unable to update the blog for a bit as we have some catching up to do.
The first week has been very eventful. The real low point being finding no power and a flood on Xmas morning. The sensible side of you says “it’s the pump.” However, when it’s pitch black and you’re drifting 100’s of miles from land knee deep in water with no power, it’s easy for the non-sensible panic side to take over. Gladly it didn’t. Barely a word spoken. I woke Andy, jumped on the oars to steer the boat straight to the waves and Andy got to work. When it was done we felt even more confident than if it hadn’t happened because we coped. That’s been the theme this week. We are evolving and learning. We feel stronger than ever and we will finish this strong.
The weather’s against us. Luck against us (steering breaking, electrics, bilge, injuries and very very sore backsides) but we are totally committed to this and more determined than ever to get it done. We both agree that it’s been a good week and we are stronger for it.
We have rowed over 10% distance despite the issues (320 miles). We relish tomorrow when the wind changes so our sore asses can get on with getting this done.
Sean and Andy