Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Mon 29 Feb 2016 22:12
The lads have made unbelievable progress during the day as seen by the chart below.

From Ian Couch at dot-watchers "Once a crew is 20 nautical miles from the finish they call the DO who reminds them to turn on all their systems and then hands them over to the Atlantic Campaigns rep and ABSAR. A boat will meet them and escort them in on the final approach ensuring safe entry to English harbour at any time of day or night."

This will happen within 15 minutes.

The most exciting email of all today has to be the one received by Steve Sidaway 

And the most depressing text has to be the one sent by Mrs Sean Mcguigan from Antigua while waiting to greet them. 
"Just found out Sean broke his leg four weeks ago and carried on. He never even told me so maybe he'll be going straight to hospital when he gets off the boat" 

Words can not express the admiration we must all have for Sean and Andy! 
Come on ... Let's give this one last push before they hit land