Progress at last

Thrift Energy Atlantic Challenge
Sean McGuigan
Mon 28 Dec 2015 15:22
We have wind. No, It’s not the dried rations. I mean bona fide blowing the way we want it to wind. We have managed to stick a decent bit of distance in with no major breakages or kit malfunctions (well not major!) I realise that this also benefits the rest of the field but that’s secondary.Our first objective is to row the Atlantic. If somebody can finish in front of us despite our efforts well done to them, I’ll buy them a pint at the other end. I’m sure nobody in the bar will e sneering at us for rowing the Atlantic a bit slowly!
We have lost our main water container. It simply burst open. We’ve had to improvise with re-useable stuff. Should se us through but we may use a bit more water owing to leakages when transferring between containers. This is becoming more like Scrapheap Challenge that Atlantic Challenge.
I’ve (Sean) had to immobilise my thumb owing to a deep cut that wouldn’t heal. I’ve made it so that I can easily row. If anything it makes rowing easier. May do the other one just for the hell of it! Andy looks like he’s been attacked by a psycho who’s weapon of choice is Sandpaper. He has more abrasions than any human ever. Moving rowing boats really shouldn’t be allowed to have people on board. We remain confident. We passed 400 miles rowed this AM but owing to the previously mentioned steering issues they didn’t all take us closer to the end. Our progress in that direction is about 330Knots.
Sean and Andy