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Date: 04 Dec 2011 15:16:13
Title: 2 weeks at sea.

We have been at sea for exactly 2 weeks now and everything is well on board.
So far we have made 2550nm and we still have 350 to go.
ETA is Tuesday the 6th of December around noon UTC.
Average speed has been aprox 7,59 knots (not bad!))
We have been spoiled on board with good food, plenty of fruit and veg.
There has been some small surprises with freshly bread baked by Haakon, christmas cake from El Corte Inglès and advent celebrations.
Twice we have had a small celebration with cava and today our excellent chef has promised us a good redwine for Sunday dinner.
We`ll have entrecote with pan baked potatos in garlic for dinner
For pudding we`ll have melon.
The sailing is going well.
Strange with this downwind sailing day after day.
The last 4 days the sea has been rough on us but today the sea is calmer and it is easier to do things on board.
It has also been difficult sleeping during the night due to all the squalls.
It is bringing heavy rain, strong wind and sudden change of the wind direction.
You can easily spot them on the radar so you can be prepared and it is good to be 2 people on watch.
During the daytime when it is calmer everybody on board try to take a nap.
We are now looking forward to come to St. Lucia and test out their famous Rom Punch.

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