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Date: 27 Nov 2011 13:34:45
Title: One week since we left Las Palmas

We have been out sailing now for a week and so far the conditions have been very good.
We have made 1240 so far, an average of 7,37 knots an hour.
Nr 3 in our group - quite happy with that.
An hour and a half after we startet out from Las Palmas the spinnaker halyard broke. We had to save the big genaker from the water - a real struggle.
But we made it without ruining the sail.
A day later the halyard was fixed and we picked up good speed again.
Perfect sail for this nice downwind sailing.
A couple of days later the whisker poole grip broke and we had to rearrange the hold grip.
It is now partly made of ropes and is working fine.
Apart from that everything is fine on board.
The food is excelent, the fruit is not yet rotten and the spirit is fine.
Jon is net controller so we have some contact with "the world" every day.
It is also nice to get mails, sat phone calls or calls on the SSB.
A couple of days ago we had a nice Pub Quiz Night. Very popular.
Today we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent. Ellen had brought a nice italian christmas cake as a surprise.
Tomorrow we will celebrate half way (1400nm) with a bottle of cava.

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