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Date: 13 Nov 2011 11:32:34
Title: One week to go!

Everything is fine here in Las Palmas.
Now it is only one week to go and I think we will be very ready for leaving for St. Lucia by then.
This last week has been very hectic but we have also had a lot of fun.
Every evening we have the ARC Sunset Rendezvous, we had the ARC Official Welcome Party on friday hosted by Las Palmas City Council, last night it was ARC Owners Cocktail Party followed by the ARC Owner`s Dinner.
Today there will be the ARC 2011 Opening ceremony - a big parade with all the participants and their country flags.
And in between we are preparing Ko-Ko for the Atlantic crossing, buying food, drinks, toilet paper and all the rest we need for 2 - 3 weeks in sea.
So life is busy - but very nice!

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