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Date: 08 Nov 2011 10:14:50
Title: ARC 2011. Opening night (english)

Last night we joined the Opening Night for the ARC 2011.
So now the circus has started.
It was crowded with people wearing their ARC ID-cards and blue armbands.
We had a drink and some tapas, met a lot of new people and ended up at a "norwegian" table with some of the other norwegian sailors.
Yesterday morning we had the safety inspection with a nice lady called Anna Brooke.
She had plenty of time, checked everything and gave us some security advise as well.
After fixing a couple of things she had remarked Ko-Ko passed the security check!! YES.
Our shoulders relaxed a bit :-)
These last couple of week we have full program.
There are ARC seminars almost every day, we must organize everything regarding food, drinks, fruit and vegetables.
Spare parts for the boat, check that everything works on board and last but not least - joining the social life.

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