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Date: 10 Sep 2011 18:14:09
Title: English update. Aquadulce - Porto Santo

We had a great sail from Aquadulce in Spain to Porto Santo.
It was 724nm and we used 4 and a half day - sailing most of the way.
And is amazing - you just put up the sails and you can leave them up for days and days.
We are now in Marina Porto Santo and we really like this island.
The marina is nice (we do have some swell), people are nice and helpful.
Today we took a taxi around the island - only 11times7 km and we had a nice view from the tops.
The best thing about Porto Santo must be the golden beach - 9 km long.
And the small village Vila Baleira is also worth visiting.
They have a museum - the home of Christopher Columbus.
The food here is brilliant - especially the seafood.
They also have good wines.
Tomorrow we will leave for Madeira only 30nm away and George will leave us.
It has been so great having him along, and he is such a good teacher.
Thanks George - you are the best.
Hope to see you again soon.

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