Ria de Arousa anchorages

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Thu 1 Sep 2022 15:01
42:34.2N 08:53.2W

After Isla Cortegada we headed for new anchorage for us - Cabo Cruz, only about 5NM away. It turned out to be delightful - well protected, and quite attractive surrounded by a small fishing village with colourfully painted houses (photo below). The only downside was the smell from the fish processing plant. A brief dip in the water confirmed it was freezing! 

We had booked into the marina at Pobra for the next 2 nights as it was forecast to be windy - which it was. However, we were put on an outside pontoon (as previously) which was not very comfortable as some swell works into the harbour. But its quite a lively town and we found an excellent tapas restaurant, made full use of water to wash the boat,  do laundry etc, in preparation for tucking her up for the winter. 

We had a few more nights before we were booked to be lifted out at Xufre, the dry marina. With light winds forecast we were spoilt for choice about where to go and although tiny pool at Toxa was tempting, we decided we should try some new spots. Our first was off the long beach of Escabote at the end of the Ria where we met John & Gilly about their concrete boat 'Riverdancer'. The main feature there was a spectacular firework display that started 0030 hours....! 

Our next spot was off the beach on the west side of the Isla de Arousa. That was lovely and well protected (see photo below) We had a walk ashore all around the headland and to the town and realised the town is much bigger than we had realised. It will be home for Chili III for the winter.