Where did you go for your holidays? Milford Haven.

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Sun 10 Oct 2021 17:03

52:56.8N 5:22.3W

I write this blog at 1800 on Sunday 11th October on a beautiful sunny evening in the Irish Sea between the Lynn Peninsula of Wales and the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland. We are on our way to Milford Haven to pick up our crew for the Biscay Crossing - Keir Louis Koo) - and to stock up on some delcious food - we hope. We have been accompanied by a pod of 10-20 porposes for the last few hours leaping and playing in the bow wave - as a zoologist we are expectig to learn a lot about walesand dolphins over the coming days! We left Ardfern at 1030 Saturday and after a rainy start have had good weather and fair winds. Today has been wall to wall with a NW3-4. Mainly sailing with motor assistance when the wind dropped below 10KN and we needed to keep up progress.

Milford Haven is of course famous for its huge oil terminal and we expect to enounter a few tankers as we approach. But I am sure there is more to the town than that - watch this space!

Boat performing perfectly and crew relaxing into life afloat at least. Curry for dinner - Yeh
Sailing Yacht Chili III