Corme to Camarinias

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Sat 28 Jul 2018 17:47
43:08.0N 009:10.9W
On Wednesday 25th July we had a short sail (or motor) in very light winds round the coast to Camarinia, 23NM.  Now heading south west but still north of Cape Finisterre of shipping forecast fame. The weather can be notoriously bad in this area and the coast rock and reef strewn which is why it has the name Costa de Muerte. There are ship wrecks all over the chart so careful checking of the weather forecast required. There was a big altantic swell but little wind which is always an uncomfortable combination. We put the main sail up to try to reduce rolling. This really is a dramatic coast line. High cliffs and capes guarded by big powerful light houses shrouded in mist from the waves breaking below.
We anchored in Camarinias as the wind built up and spent a night glad of a big anchor and long heavy chain.
Friday was my birthday. A swim in the morning and then a day spent walking along the Camarinias Camino - a great coastal path and a perfect day especially with Ed for company. In the evening we had an outstanding fish dinner at Puerto Arnella.
On Saturday the wind had calmed down so Ed and I enjoyed a kayak round the bay in the morning before seeing him off in a taxi to La Coruna. It had been excellent to have him join us for a couple of weeks - an outstanding crew!