La Coruna to Corme

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Tue 24 Jul 2018 17:24
43:15.6N 8:57.5W
It is always exciting to arrive in a foreign port after 3 days at sea. The boat's just the same but you're suddenly in a very different environment. Different language, food, architecture, climate and eating times (dinner before 9pm is not available). The Marina Nautico is a destination for sailors from all over Europe and beyond. As well as Spanish boats there were people from France, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Netherlands as well as USA and Canada. You can tell its a port for serious sailors by the amount of laundry hanging from every bit of rigging. It has a good feeling of camaraderie about it with lots of chat about  weather and destinations. We met Canadian / Irish couple Bruce & Dierdra McCloud from Rollon who were very friendly and helpful in tracking down a Spanish courtesy flag, the absence of which was making us feel very under-dressed and time spent trying to find, disproportionate!
The first night was accompanied by an unbelievably loud metal band on the quay that kicked off at 2300. Silicon ear plugs and sheer exhaustion from lack of sleep meant we slept through it blissfully. Ed went and joined in - felt my age!
Everyone had told us that La Coruna was a rather uninteresting industrial port - a good port of arrival as there is easy access in any weather, but not somewhere to hang around. We disagree. Its a delightful city where we spent a very enjoyable couple of days going for walks, exploring the old town, enjoying great tapas (and catching up on sleep.) The old medieval town is particularly lovely with narrow and cool car-free streets and squares. Lunch at the Jamoneria La Leonesa was excellent - Jamon Iberica, fresh bread and a beer.  We walked out to Torre de Hercules, one of only 2 light houses marked on a Roman map of Europe, the other at Alexandria. It is a huge Square tower and very significant for us as our land mark at the end of 2 Biscay crossings.
On Tuesday 24th we set off for Corme in light winds. The new "code S" sail designed in blue and yellow by Belinda worked brilliantly and has us moving along at 7 knots in 7 knots of wind on the beam. We arrived at 19:30 in time for a drink ashore and lovely dinner on board, anchored in the bay.  Corme is a tiny fishing port with a welcoming bar on the quay - very local. Again, our last visit came to mind  - 2 days at anchor in ferocious winds unable to get off the boat. Much calmer this time round.