Getting to know Lagos

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Thu 21 Jul 2022 19:22
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Our time in Lagos had its ups and downs. 

Having to be lifted out for repairs was not a good start. But we got lifted out quickly and arranged for a surveyor to do an inspection within two days - so far, so good. The low point came when we saw the quote for carrying out repairs which included being ashore for two months. Two months!! At that point we went into overdrive to get things moving. We had some initial delays coordinating the insurance company, the surveyor and the boatyard, but once that was sorted, the boatyard started work in earnest and did an outstanding job on all fronts. It is probably the most extensive and professional boatyard we have ever encountered and it was a pleasure working with them. The boatyard manager, Pedro, even managed to get a part delivered from Lisbon within 24 hours by asking a friend who was driving down from Lisbon in the morning to pick it up and deliver it - what a star! After just three weeks we were back in the water, water-tight, antifouled and ready to go. 

Living on the boat in the boatyard 20 ft above ground took some getting used to. We admit that at first we thought about checking into a hotel, but it would have been a very expensive option in peak season and we needed to be on site to oversee repairs. As it was, we soon got used to climbing up and down ladders, and even emptying the pee bucket each morning. 

We quickly discovered that if you are going to be stuck in a boatyard, Lagos is a pretty good place to be. The boatyard is only 5 minutes walk from a stunning 4km beach and we got into a routine of going there for a swim and walk late in the afternoon. The town itself is on the other side of the river, accessed by a pedestrian bridge (which is lifted on request for yachts). It was about 15 minutes walk,  but we had our fabulous Bromptons and wizzed around on them most of the time. It made popping into town for an ice cream dangerously easy. But we also went on a couple of longer bike rides and discovered it is quite hilly inland…..Our other discovery was the leisure centre with a fantastic ‘competition’ pool. We generally went before breakfast so we could be back at the boatyard before the workmen started. It was a great way to get some exercise - perhaps something to continue back home. As we had no expenses while we were in the boatyard, we decided to allow ourselves the luxury of eating out every other night. We discovered two excellent fish restaurants near the boatyard (which was next to the fish docks) where the choice was various types of fresh fish with potatoes and veg for about Eu10. Why eat anywhere else…?

Although our stay in Lagos was forced upon us, we became quite fond on the place and would recommend it to anyone sailing in that part of the world.