Itching to set off.....

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Tue 22 Mar 2022 17:45

39:33.5N 02:38.0E


Its just as well that our plan was designed to be a bit flexible…..


We have now been in Palma de Mallorca for nearly a week where we have been pinned down in the marina by strong easterly winds. So, our plans to sail east to Sardinia and then on to Sicily are postponed - we do not fancy beating into a near gale for over 200NM. Unfortunately, the weather seems uncharacteristically set in so we will probably be here for at least another week. No excuse for any outstanding jobs when we finally do set off!  


However, there are few places we can think of where we would rather be stuck. We are moored right in the middle of Palma so have easy access to all the many delights of this lovely city, and we have hired a car for a few days to explore further afield and make the most of the fabulous mountain walking. So, although we are itching to get going on the high seas, we will just have to be patient. We need to remind ourselves that good sailors have great respect for the weather!