Cliento coast: from Scario to Salerno

The adventures of Chili III
Peter & Belinda Vernon
Fri 29 Apr 2022 18:42
40:03.2N 15:29.8E

Scario, Acciaroli and Agropoli

Arrived in Scario after an overnight sail via Stromboli, dropped anchor outside the harbour and rowed ashore. Discovered a lovely waterfront and empty harbour, so decided to move the boat into the harbour for the night. A good move as the town was a real delight - very attractive with a feeling that well-off Napelese might have summer houses there ( but no foreigners in evidence). 

Acciaroli was equally lovely - although our arrival was rather stressful as the entrance was blocked by the dredger busy dredging. We were waved ( and shouted) through by the dredger men, but they obviously didn't realise we had a keel as we promptly ran aground. Luckily it was soft mud and with the help of the dredge tender we got free. As instructed by the dredgermen we waited outside the harbour until the dredger moved to give us space to get through. Needless to say the action attracted a bit of a crowd, but luckily there weren't any other yachts around. One consolation was that we were not charged for mooring - which was very welcome as it can be a bit steep in this part of the world. 

Agropoli was our next stop and base from which to visit the ancient Roman site of Paestum. For some reason we decided to cycle there on our Bromptons "only 7km". It seemed a lot further (esp as it was against the wind) but it was well worth it. Paestum is awe-inspiring as well as being in a beautiful setting which had almost to ourselves. A real treat.