Hiva Oa, Marquesas

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Wed 11 May 2011 16:31
09.48 S    139.01 W

We have been here for two days now, anchored off Atuona, in a very rolly
anchorage outside the harbour wall. Inside the small harbour are 25 yachts
all with stern anchors, so not enough room for us! Another mountainous
island with tall craggy peaks rising behind the town.
Arriving on sunday meant that everything except the pizza restaurant was
closed, so we enjoyed a beer there after being given a lift into town and
having a stroll about. The pizza restaurant owner then drove us back to the
harbour! Everyone is very friendly and happy and seem to look after the
cruisers very well. This is one of only two clearing in ports in these
Clearing in and clearing Geoff and John out on monday morning caused a bit
of concern, until after waiting in line at the Air Tahiti office, they were
able to produce a ticket! They flew out in the afternoon, and we returned to
a very quiet empty Boundless!
Now we are ready to go again - laundry done by "Marie-Jo" and folded
beautifully, no diesel until next monday - so unable to refuel! Restocked
with what little fruit and veg we can get, and another stem of bananas in
the cockpit! Dickie has the rods and reels refreshed - including some new
250lb line, so we are ready for serious fishing again. Tomorrow we are going
with a few others on an island tour for the day, also with Marie-Jo - our
new best friend who is very helpful and loves a laugh! Hopefully it won't be
raining! Internet connection is troublesome, so sticking to the email for now.
On thursday we will head to an island just south of here - Tahauata - for a
night before we sail 470 miles to Manihi in the Tuomoto group.