Still south of the equator!

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Thu 5 May 2011 02:31
11.08 S 133.16 W

Meg has just let me know that my last blog entry had a latitude of 10 N - maybe I have been at sea for too long! This entry will put us back on track although the course will look very eratic until I have internet access and can edit it - thanks Meg!
324 miles to go to Fatu Hiva, 5.30 pm and we have the spinnaker up (gybed today) as the trades lighten and settle in from the east. Cocktail and sunset time - and checking the lines, still with no success (but neither has the AUS boat behind us which is re-assuring)!
Still hoping for a friday ETA. Had a funny night last night as GBW slept through his watch and the boys then decided I could have the night off, apart from doing the 5am radio sched. Wells family pizza was a great success for dinner and my bread is finally looking and tasting as it should, the third recipe for some reason better than the others - sorry Dick, I'm sure it's the flour or yeast.