Prickly Bay, Grenada 11.59.98N 61.45.80W

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Wed 9 Feb 2011 13:30

Tuesday February 8th 

We arrived here in Grenada late on Thursday 20th January, after long flights - but with a pleasant overnight stopover in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we caught up with our friends Ronnie and Babbie Ramos (whom we met in Spain prior to sailing with them in the ARC)and spent some pleasant hours wandering in the old town (16th century fortifications) and
catching up.

Boundless was in good shape when we checked her out, apart from being very dirty on the outside, and expectedly some UV deterioration. Inevitably there is a quarry or cement works where boatyards are located! 

We met "Kiwi John"  who is running the yard here, he knows Nick, Bob Clifford, Dick Neville
and just about everyone else in sailing circles. Work was organised and commenced - polishing, teak, impellors, solar panels, stainless steel work, new shade cloths and fly screens, sail repairs (sails having been cleaned in our absence)and bending sails on. Dickie repaired a staunchion and spent hours with "Desmond" trying to repair galley sink
leaks - impossible to buy a new mixer tap here that suited. The French build beautiful boats, but it's not easy replacing gear anywhere but Fance in our experience!

We had a rental car for 10 days while we were staying in an apartment, so saw quite a bit of the island and did a lot of running around looking for gear between the chandleries, hardware stores, supermarkets etc. There is a very good restaurant next door to the yard - "De Big Fish", with happy hour, good food and great caribbean music, a friendly crowd of cruisers and local ex-pat community hang out here. Met up with a fellow from Devonport we had met last year, living and working from his boat here for years. He is currently looking after Ken Gourlay's boat (Tas. circumnavigator) that we're told he bought in the Med, while he is in Tas before returning to cross the Pacific. 

There are several other restaurants and yacht clubs in the area and some local treasures we have visited - but "oil down" made of chickens feet, fat, pork sausuages and what seemed like anything else left in the kitchen has not been my favourite!

We have now been back in the water for close to a week, gradually  going through all lockers
and gear and rationalising as much as we can - even Dickie! The new solar panels are working very well, more than doubling our energy input while the sun is shining which is great. We remain in Prickly Bay while completing some odd jobs, hoping to leave here by the 11th to head north through the Grenadines to meet Dick Neville in St Vincent before heading
west to the ABC's (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - Dutch Antilles).

Currently experiencing a period of particularly brisk trades and frequent showers, and reaquainting ourselves with the up/down shuffle to close hatches at night each time it rains.

Yesterday was Grenadan Independence Day (37 years) and a public holiday and celebration
weekend. The Grenadan people love their country. We spent some time at the beach over the weekend watching the work boats race from a beach start - quite chaotic with a swell rolling in and the boys all very competitive. Lots of fun.

There is a very strong cruising community here, many cruisers spend the hurricane months aboard here. They run a very comprehensive, informative daily radio net. 

I'm improving my culinary skills - can now make consistently good yogurt from powdered milk!  Milk and other supermarket goodies that we are used to, such as milk and yogurt, come in once a week from the US and are very quickly sold out. I have also had some computer lessons from a very helpful Texan - all interesting stuff!

After several weeks with the very friendly Grenadans on their lovely island, we're looking
forward to getting out of the bay and moving on.......