Bequia to Bonaire

Boundless 1
Richard Clennett
Sun 20 Feb 2011 21:38
Position 12.16.76 N 66.29.34 W

We met Dick Neville in St Vincent on tuesday evening (picked up a mooring in
Blue Lagoon rather than Young Island Cut - nice spot Ronnie, thank you for
the advice - no worries about security there). Great to catch up with Dick
again (and we now have many spares on board that he was able to bring with
him from the US). Needless to say it was a typical "first night out" and a
lot of stories and laughs.

Motor sailed back to Bequia the following morning and spent a couple of
nights there. Had a cocktail or two with Dick's friends Tom and Sally from
Annapolis, and a great meal ashore at the Firefly Hotel. We were anchored
alongside two other Australian owned catamarans and met another couple from
Melbourne on a Buizen on their way home after a 5 year circumnavigation!
Although a lot of boats in the bay, that wasn't a bad count for Australia!

Departed Bequia on friday morning with a forecast for diminishing trades and
that's just what we have had. Unfortunately the windex had a tantrum an hour
out of Admiralty Bay but we haven't had more than 15 knots of mostly
easterly breeze and more often less than 10 since we left! Resorted to motor
sailing most of the time. Very pleasant however - beautiful day today, good
food and good company.

Photos - Dickie has been trying to come up with alternate sail combinations
to add boat speed, I know someof you will appreciate the photograph! I hate
to say this, but still not a fish - three lines and a new "Cruisers
Handbook of Fishing" and much contemplation of lures! Dick N enjoying a
stretch after lunch.

We should get into Kralendijk, Bonaire, tomorrow morning (monday here).

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