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Valt & Sandy
Fri 3 May 2013 19:42
24:19:19N. 076:45:22W
We awoke to a grey sky. It was like someone had placed a grey bowl over us. Our planned dinghy fishing trip looked cancelled. But we prepared anyway, loading the tackle, making lunch, packing clothes. By 11:00am we decided to go. We ran out the Big Rock Cut into the deep blue sea. A huge mega yacht was anchored out in the Sound. 350' long, it was equipped with dinghies, a go-fast boat and jet skis. The name on the back was "A". Just "A". The hailing port was Hamilton and it flew a Bermuda flag. Very modernistic. I will send photos next time.
Without sun, the 79 degrees felt chilly so we put on long sleeved shirts. We took a little spray over the side. A little rain even fell. A little discomfort always improves the fishing. The first Mahi hit an hour later just as we started eating lunch, on the old pink and white skirted lure. The other rod had a fake ballyhoo. A lone Bahamian rode up in a fishing skiff and asked if we needed help: we were sitting out in the ocean in a small boat with no motor running. We thanked him, but were fine. Maybe he just wanted a peek st our fish? When the second Mahi hit on the same lure, we switched the other line to a red and white skirt. This time a boat with three Bahamians circled around to watch us land it. I am sure they wondered how we would do it. I held the pole while Valt deftly gaffed the leaping fish. Immediately we threw a wet towel over its eyes, inserted rum into the gill to subdue it and placed it into a big cooling bag filled with ice. They cheered. When yet a third hit on the pink lure, we rerigged the second line again, this time with another pink and white. A fourth time we again got a Mahi on the old lure, but immediately got a hit on the second pole. Yes, we bagged a total of 5 big fish in a couple hours.
This would mean 3 hours of fish cleaning, portioning, and vacuum sealing for me, and 3 hours for Valt cleaning the tackle, dinghy, and cleaning station area set up on the cockpit in back. Well worth the rewards. Two seagulls flew over to check out the fish. They weren't annoying like gulls can be. They cawed occasionally, but seemed to understand that if they patiently waited for us to complete our ritual, they would get their share. They followed as Valt dinghied the remains out to sea and he tossed them fish scraps. They caught them in mid air. When too full to fly, they left.
We vacuum sealer 45 meals for two people and had several bags of small scraps to use for Mahi spread and burgers. All fit in our fridge freezer once we took out some ice. We kept several packs unfrozen. Vacuum seal fish can be refrigerated for a month. If needed, we could even put fish in the ice maker freezer. Of course our dinner was, what else? Fresh caught Mahi.