Lee Stocking Island Continued

Valt & Sandy
Fri 1 Mar 2013 01:02
Feb. 28, 2013
Still here, enjoying the area. Our little bay is calm and smooth, even as the winds clock around from SE to NW. Today we went fishing outside in the Sound in the dinghy. As usual, it was lumpier than forecast. We hoped to get some mahi, but when none came along, we switched to small lures and moved closer to shore. Immediately we caught a huge barracuda. Too big to eat, but fun to catch. Big predator fish sometimes carry ciguatera poisoning, a toxic they get from years of eating infected reef fish. We let him go to swim another day. Next we caught a ciero mackerel, our favorite kind of mackerel. While we were deciding if it really was a ciero, it jumped the hook, and was gone. We landed a yellowtail snapper and kept it. The final catch of the day was a nice queen trigger fish. Taking our dinner home, we filleted and grilled it. It made a delicious dinner.

More boats joined our little anchorage. Half were big powerboats. Some are heading north, others south. We too will need to decide whether to go south to Georgetown before the next cold front next week, or stay put here. Decisions, decisions.