Last Day in Little Farmers

Valt & Sandy
Tue 26 Feb 2013 21:25
Feb. 26, 2013
Awaking to a very calm day, we piled into the dink and went to the cave.  As usual, it was difficult to find, but worth the effort.  Thorny vines covered the trail to the opening, challenging our entry.  A few bats protested our intrusion, but we had to see the stalactites and the fresh water pond inside.  Water oozed from the ceiling creating new formations.  Some dripped into a bucket until it overflowed.  It was 15 degrees cooler in the cave than outside.  Satisfied, we continued on the path to the ocean side beach.  The shallow bay invited us in for a dip before enjoying our picnic lunch. 
A pair of ospreys scolded us when we got too near their nest on Oven Rock.  Back at the boat we changed for dinner, a big night out at the Little Farmers Cay Yacht Club.  Several couples came with us and we all had grouper dinner.  Roosevelt and wife Shirley served our food, he also tended bar.  One couple gave us her secret bread recipe as an anniversary gift.  It would go well with the fresh lobster we'd bought from some fishermen earlier.
Come morning, the boats were doing their ungainly dance, each waltzing in its own direction.  One boat that had been far away now had to be fended off as we both came forward in different directions.  What to do?  We would need to move to a different spot in the anchorage, or just move to a different island.  We chose to move to Lee Stocking Island, an old favorite about 10 miles away.  This time we would take the inside, Bank route.  The outer route was very choppy.  But the inner route was very shallow.  Our decision was made when we remembered that high tide was about 2 hours later here.  This meant we would be crossing this shallow bank at near high tide.  So when the chart warned of 5' depths, we found nearly 8'.  Not a lot of water, but plenty for our passage.  We require 5'.  There were a couple of very narrow passes, also, requiring good sunlight to see the coral heads and sand bars.  When we reached our destination we sighed with relief.  We dropped anchor, then dinked out to take a look at it with the glass bottom look bucket.  It was buried in sand.  The anchorage was ringed around with islands, giving a good barrier from most winds. 
We would have a good day here.
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