There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Valt & Sandy
Sat 23 Mar 2013 15:18
23:63:622N  074:83:254W
March 22, 2013
     We remember now why we seldom stop at a marina.  I know, you all think we don’t  want to spend money.  But marinas offer more miseries than that.   Vermin, no breeze, hot air, noise ,pollution, poor water quality.   the list goes on. 
     We awoke at 3:00am.  Although we'd run the generator and air conditioning for two hours before bedtime to cool the cabins, it was hot and muggy.  But worse, the no-see-ums had climbed through the screens and were biting.  The nearly invisible insects have an insatiable appetite for blood.  We batted and swatted, but to no avail.  We turned on the fan.  No help.  The air was totally still in the marina giving them free range.
     In the morning we could find no safe spot to even have coffee.  Dressed in long pants, socks, and long sleeve shirts we sat in the sun.  It was 80 degrees.  There was no choice but to leave.  Before we could untie our lines, Pirate arrived with a big mutton snapper they'd caught.  We agreed to filet the fish and he gave us half the catch.  At half tide, we tiptoed back through the shallow, twisting channel out of the marina.  Winding our way through the coral head and reefs we found a beautiful anchorage and dropped anchor near the tiny settlement.  It was one of the hottest days we'd had here, 88 degrees,  and we jumped into the clear turquoise water to cool down.  Then we launched the dinghy and went to see if we could find some bug remedy in the town.  Mosquito coils were suggested, and we bought a box to try.  We visited Kate's Sand Bar.  It has a sand floor!  Back at the boat we stripped the bedding, shook it and hung it in the sun to chase away any of the vicious sand mites. Towels, too.  We wiped the walls down with vinegar water, taking many of them away on the sponge.  After spraying insect spray in the corners, we set the stinky coils on fire and closed the berth doors to try and smoke them out.  It seemed like an impossible task.  I counted some 150 that I'd smashed! 
     We enjoyed the quiet of the anchorage.  And when we went to bed, neither of us were bitten.  But the more things stay the same in the islands, the more they change.  A new weather report Saturday morning forecast 15-18k SE winds tomorrow.  It was already a bit surgy in the bay.  It would worsen.  We decided to return to the marina and hope the winds would keep away the biters.   It looked like Monday might be the day to go back to Georgetown.  If we left early enough we could fish along the way and still cover the 60 miles across the Atlantic if we planned
A Rare Sight in the Bahamas:  Amber Isle at a Dock
to be in port by 5:00pm