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Valt & Sandy
Sun 7 Apr 2013 15:40
23:47:50N. 976:08W
April 7, 2013
> Sitting in paradise here ioff Lee Stocking Island. Island all around,mostly rocky ledges and scrub brush covered cays. Too dense to hike. Occasionally broken up with a sweet little sugar sand beach. Got some coordinates for a coral reef to snorkel and hunt on. From Pirate.
> How they ended up here was pure luck. Neither knew where we were going today. Wind and wave direction dictated it I guess. They caught a nice mahi, and called to say if we'd cook it up for all of us, he'd clean it and donate it to the supper pot. How could we refuse? The six of us ate a half mahi and cleaned our plates. Course Valt followed up with his special ice cream treats. We all enjoyed the company, the stories, the laughter. Pirate was heading north 60 miles to Staniel to meet up with friends there. We will miss them. Miss them already
We'd been tucked up in a sheltered bay the last few days. The forecast was for overnight thunderstorms and 30-50 k winds. Pretty serious breeze. Everyone else in Georgetown did the same. To our delight, the report was wrong. We had gentle rains most of the evening and overnight. I even went out and soaped the windows and bow decks and let the rains rinse. I now call that my 1 gallon boat wash. In flat calm, not even a ripple we exited the cut and were instantly in rough seas. But although they were 5-6' we were heading into them, and it was ok. Our options were to turn back to Georgetown, or go north to explore. Exploration always wins out. And as we continued on, the seas began to lay down. After an hour we set up chairs on the bow and sat outside. It was that settled.
We saw a fish boil and headed over to try our luck. Nothing. We chased several and got not a nibble. A sport fisher boat hailed us to talk fishing. He said the fish boils were schools of tuna. The ones we saw leaping out of the water were small, but there were bigger ones below.
We may stay a while, enjoying the quietude and rugged beauty. It always amazes us the diversity of these islands. No two are alike. Always an adventure