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Valt & Sandy
Sat 27 Apr 2013 15:42
April 27, 2013
     A surprise anniversary party was planned on the beach.  Friends wrote new vows for them to renew, and asked questions like in the "Newly Weds Game".  All in the name of fun.  After dressing them in wedding finery, the ceremony began, followed by champagne, food and wedding cake.  The happy couple were long time boaters in Georgetown til they sold their boat and became "CLODS" (Cruisers living on dirt).  They were back on vacation for the week.  Several other CLOD couples returned to Georgetown this week to enjoy Regatta.   We also met up with folks we'd met 8 years ago in Nassau when they first began cruising the Bahamas. So the week has been a reunion of sorts for us. 
     Friday we dinghied ashore to Regatta Point to sample Bahamian cuisine from the temporary food shacks.  Lobster on a stick, BBQ Ribs, and conch fritters topped our list.  Stewed fish, souse, mutton, even sheep tongue were offered.  Many vendors sold clothing, shoes, toys, and more.   These are things seldom available here in Exumas.  The music was only beginning to heat up.  A man wearing a tee shirt from Lorraine's Café, walked by, and we hollered out to him.  Turned out he was Uriah, Lorraine's husband  who we'd met in Blackpoint.  He said the family planned a vacation this fall to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg Tennessee!  We know several Bahamians who visit Tennessee every year.  Small world. 
     Next we spotted Dave Hastings, our bus tour guide from Long Island.  He and his wife brought her seaglass jewelry collection to sell at Regatta.  He was very excited to be there and planned to meet with a wholesaler who wanted to carry their line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  Another Bahamian friend.
     The A Class Race was beginning, so we took the dink out to the starting line.  With a shot of the gun they were off. Amazingly 100s of people in boats large and small took off after them, cheering for their team.  Despite the race committee threatening to call the police if they did not clear the course, boats were everywhere.  The big boats chopped up the water creating a 3' wake of confused seas.  We went to the turn and saw sailing skiffs approaching the turn marker from every direction.  Healing to the water line, they struggled to make the tight turn between the boats.  As expected, Tida Wave, the boat from Staniel Cay won the heat.  The final race would be Saturday.  Then a big Nassau Police Marching Band parade, awards and more festivities.