Staniel Cay to Blackpoint Settlement

Valt & Sandy
Fri 22 Feb 2013 15:55
Feb. 21, 2013
24:06N. 76:24W

The storms passed, it was time to renew my Internet data service. Devices in hand, I walked to the Bahamas Tel. Co. optimistic that it would be a simple matter. But we are in the Bahamas, Mon. The truth would be that it would take 4 days, 7 round-trip dinghy trips, and several new applications. We faced unexpected office closings, expected, but not posted office closures, lost paperwork, incomplete set up by my representative. After many promises that it "would be working sometime today" and hours of mind numbing waits, it finally connected. It turns out the SIM card they'd provided was defective! The company is sorely understaffed, very busy, and the people are poorly trained in technical matters. Countless folks came to buy new phones, only to be told that were out of stock on the ones they wanted. Think of the revenues lost by such poor management.

In was good to be back in Blackpoint. The settlement has a clinic, police station, phone co., school, several restaurants, a grocer, and more. The people are nice. The neat houses are freshly painted. Lots of kids playing in the school yard. We visited our friend and local entrepreneur, Lorraine. Lorraine owns the restaurant, several vacation cottages, a gift shop, and an Internet room. We would go in another day to see other local friends.

That evening we took a dinghy ride around the harbor. There were a few boats we recognized. Back at the boat we ate dinner and were nearly ready for bed. There is an adjustment as we get used to the sun, the heat, the winds, the water. Add that a little boat work and some phone company stress. We try to stay up as long as possible.