Georgetown Week

Valt & Sandy
Thu 18 Apr 2013 13:59
April 18, 2013
In preparation for the visit from our kids, we went into the settlement. Strapping a huge load of laundry to our cart, we toted it to the cleaners. They would wash, dry, and fold, returning it to us the following day. Although there is a washer/dryer aboard Amber Isle, we use it only occasionally, preferring to take sheets and towels to the laundromat.
Next we hopped the free shuttle to the new meat market several miles out of town. We had not seen so much fresh meat since leaving Miami! The local market sells frozen meats only. Snapping up New York strip steaks, chicken, and ground beef, we were in overload! They also carried deli meats and their roast beef was the best we'd tasted. Amazingly, the prices were similar to Miami.
Back in town we bought dinghy gas, paid the phone bill, renewed our fishing license, disposed the trash. Phew. Just relating it wears me out. Stashing our goodies on the boat, we changed to swimsuits and headed for the beach. The water was warm, the day hot. Even a short walk sent us back into the water. Friends joined us. Before we knew it, to was time to go home and start dinner. We'd invited a couple over for mahi. Americans, they built a home on one of the barrier islands here. We enjoyed cocktails in the Sky Lounge, a fine dinner, then Valt's special dessert. It was fun to catch up.
The next evening was totally different! We had six couples over for a party. Lights blazing, stereo blaring, food and liquor flowing, a great time was had by all. Great stories, funny jokes, even a tongue-ology lesson from Professor Valt. We even broke a record when the last boat departed at 2:05 am! Way past boaters midnight of 9:00 pm. It was a rare treat for our sailor friends who must conserve their power in a miserly fashion. I am sure each felt a bit decadent just being there with the electric meter running.
Thursday we awoke to the realization that our long awaited visit with son Eric, wife Sharon, and granddaughter Emma was not to be. We'd planned and prepared. Special foods, itinerary plotted, we even hired the taxi to fetch them from the airport. They'd planned and prepared. Suitcases packed, tickets in hand. But sadly, Sharon's father fell seriously ill. They were needed at his bedside. Instead of a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas they diverted to Kentucky. United Airlines refused to postpone the Bahamas trip a few weeks, but allowed them to switch destinations to Louisville. At least they did not lose out entirely. We're sad for them and sad for us.