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Date: 17 Oct 2007 15:28:00
Title: Symi town

When we finally left Panormitis we motored round the coast to Symi town where we needed to sign ourselves out of Greece and also stock up on such things as bacon and some wine before leaving for Marmaris! Symi is a lovely little town in spite of being full of tourists!


 Entering the bay


It is a very deep harbour which is invariably full of boats. 


 Getting closer


We motored in and decided where we would moor and on the second attempt the anchor held.  We only intended to stay one night there so we thought that we would go out for both lunch and supper.  We walked along the quay and found a nice table in the sun – wonderful.  We both had calamari and it was without a doubt the best we had ever tasted. Not only that there was so much of it we had no space left to even contemplate supper!



 Entrance to the harbour


Distance run 12.86nM  Cumulative total 3496.72nM

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