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Date: 12 Oct 2007 15:03:00
Title: Symi - Panormitis

Leaving Kos was really exciting as we were very nearly at our destination.  We could see Turkey in the distance as we came along the east coast of Kos and spotted our first Gulets!

We were heading for Panormitis a very sheltered bay on Symi as the weather forecast was for thunderstorms and strong winds. There were quite a few boats there when we arrived but we managed to find a space a little shallower than we would have liked but nevertheless quite secure.


 Sun going down over Panormitis – the entrance to the bay is on the right of the picture


The weather when we arrived was quite calm but whilst we were ashore for lunch the heavens opened and the restaurant turned into a veritable river.  We were lucky where we were but a large party at two neighbouring tables had to move as the canopy sheltering them had a leak. 

The main feature in the bay is a monastery with a large bell tower.  Mostly it is a quiet place but periodically a ferry arrives and is welcomed by a peal of bells from the bell tower!


 The bell tower


We spent several days in Panormitis and during that time we had about 48hours of really stormy weather.  Richard spent one night in the cockpit as it was so wild.  It was very fortunate for one German boat that he did do that as his anchor dragged and he was fast asleep.  Richard managed to wake him up together with the rest of the anchorage in time for him to sort himself out. He was very grateful and brought across some beer the following day to say thank you.


Once the bad weather had passed it was absolutely glorious and it was with some reluctance that we finally left.


Distance run 44.78nM  Cumulative total 3483.86nM





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