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Date: 09 Oct 2007 17:48:00
Title: Amorgos

Our next port of call was Amorgos and yet again the weather was more than a little windy and rough – what a surprise!  We wanted to go onto the quay in Ormos Katapola as by then we really did want to top up with fuel.  The quay looked rather busy and there were also a couple of boats anchored in the bay however we managed to squeeze into a slot and tied up with assistance from SeaTern our immediate neighbours.  Amorgos is a lovely place with typical whitewashed buildings and some quite good restaurants. Sadly this is where I failed again and didn’t take any photos either on the way in or out.  My excuse is that it is jolly hard work anchoring and backing up onto a quay, particularly when you have to lower the dinghy from its davits and move it out of the way as well as all the other normal jobs and then the reverse on the way out at the same time praying that the boats that came in after you haven’t dropped their anchors over yours. 


Distance run 36.27nM Cumulative total  3351.17nM



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