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Date: 07 Oct 2007 17:48:00
Title: Ios

Leaving Sifnos we headed off for Ios and we anchored in a little bay called Ormos Kolitzani. The sea was really blue and very clear. The hills on either side of the bay were quite steep and assorted goats were clambering up and down. We then noticed another animal which we thought at first was a goat but after we got the binoculars out we decided it was a very, very large cat.  Unfortunately it was a little too far away to decide if it was in fact a wildcat or just a supersized moggy.


 Just passing the entrance to Ormos Kolitzani


 This is the next bay down where we anchored


Distance run 36.95nM  Cumulative Total  3307.90nM


We spent one night in Ormos Kolitzani before moving on to Ormos Manganari which was an extremely short hop away. This was a much bigger bay but was also very quiet.  There were only about three people on the beach and most of the tavernas had closed for the season.  However a few more customers arrived just after we had anchored…


 Here they are sprinting for the sunbeds…


 And now making sure they have enough shelter under the umbrellas!


We were hoping to eat ashore as we hadn’t anything very inspiring in the fridge so Richard went to check out the one taverna which appeared to be open.  The chap there said that they were closing as soon as their last guest left (the following morning) and so we arranged to eat there that night.  The evening came and the restaurant looked absolutely dead – we went ashore anyway and looked everywhere for signs of life.  Nothing…so we went back to the boat and just as we were getting out of the dinghy the lights came on so back we went. 


Distance run 7.00nM  Cumulative total  3314.90nM






























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