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Date: 06 Oct 2007 17:47:00
Title: Sifnos

After a relatively peaceful night at anchor in Serifos we set off at the crack of sparrows for Sifnos. It was an even shorter sail than the day before and we wanted to arrive fairly early to top up with water and fuel in order to make an early start the following day.  We anchored stern to the quay in Ormos Kamareo and arranged for both water and fuel.  Water was no problem but the fuel never did arrive!  Serifos was a lovely little island and we would have loved to have spent more time there visiting the monastery amongst other things.  However we were still aiming to be in Marmaris for the middle of the month so it was to be best foot forward.  One thing we did sample while we were there was some yummy baklava from the local baker – delicious!


 Unfortunately our photos had to be taken as we left the following morning – hence they are rather dark.


 As you can see the street lights were still on as it was so early in the morning.


Distance run 13.59nM   Cumulative total  3270.95nM



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